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Planet Lockdown Documentary – Truth About This Plandemic

Planet Lockdown Documentary - Truth About This Plandemic

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It's Time For Everyone To Wake Up!

The Globalists Deep-State & PLANdemic Secrets…

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Taking the Serpent’s Head Off: “Watch the Water” EXPLODES worldwide, Global Citizens Demand Answers

Dr. Ardis joins the Stew Peters Show days after the "Watch the Water" Documentary took the world by storm.

Dr. Ardis addresses the main questions about the snake venom Covid sequences and answers the important question of WHY the children were the least affected.

Watch the Water EXPLODED with millions of views worldwide, exposing the true origins of the Covid-19 Plandemic.

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NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming – Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko has saved thousands of lives through his Z-Stack protocol, and has recently launched Z-DTox which he advises will help prevent blood clots, and help protect those with a compromised immune system, including those who have been vaccinated. To order Dr. Zelenko's products today, visit the below link, and use referral code MARIAZEEE for 5% off your order:

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Dr. Jane Ruby is a medical professional and pharmaceutical drug development expert with over 20 years of experience in regulatory processes for drug approval with the FDA and the EMA. She joined Maria Zeee to show us shock images and footage given to her by an Embalmer, who says that he has never seen anything like this coming out of bodies in his entire career. He advised he started seeing it at the time of the "vaccine" rollout. WARNING: This is extremely graphic footage, however Dr. Ruby emphasises the importance of the world seeing this, as not one more of these lethal injections should enter another human being. We also discuss VAIDS, Nanotech, transhumanism, and future potential bioweapons.

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Dr. Ben Marble : People Have Been Vaccinated with Slow Acting Lethal Poison – MyFreeDoctor

Dr. Ben Marble created a free online COVID-19 treatment platform for Americans where he and his team have successfully treated over 150,000 people. His patients have a 99.99% survival rate. This has now expanded to being able to treat patients for multiple illnesses via a Telehealth service, with the aim to extend this globally to help more people through a complete health system reform. Dr. Ben Marble says that people have been injected with a slow acting lethal poison that must be stopped immediately, with the creators of these injections being persecuted for their crimes.

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