An underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism is associated with depression, fatigue, weight gain, and ‘brain fog'. The thyroid is the only organ that requires nourishing with iodine. When a thyroid is functioning well, it can support normal intellectual function, metabolic rate and calcium regeneration. VitaPost Thyroid Support supports healthy energy levels, focus and clarity, and healthy thyroid hormone production. The Thyroid Support formula contains a range of effective ingredients that hit all the notes:
  • Ashwagandha for those in tune with Ayurveda;
  • Schisandra for those who follow the wisdom of East Asia;
  • L-Tyrosine for people keen on amino acids.
A range of vitamins, minerals and Kelp balance the mix. Throw in healthy doses of Vitamin B-12 and Iodine and you've got a winning product. Thyroid Support is made in the US in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Promotional Codes 5% Off Your Online Order : FIVE$51841802 10% Off Your Online Order (EU only) : IWD10 25% Off On Your Next Order: VTA25